Video Clips

Video is one of the best ways to learn and understand low stress stockmanship. We will be posting short video clips here which show one or two things to help you see just what we are talking about. These can’t replace attending a school, but they can provide a little information to help you along or help you see the value of learning more stockmanship skills!

To start us off with videos for the web, we’d like to thank Adele Buettner of Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS) for pulling together sponsors and video professionals to help us make a DVD with three educational clips of about 10 minutes each.

We’d also like to sincerely thank Bud and Eunice Williams of for the basis of all our work in stockmanship. We would have nothing without their many years of work and learning and sharing their information with us and thousands of other livestock producers.

Our YouTube Channel

Click here to view the various videos (including the FACS videos above) we have posted to our YouTube Channel.