Your Key to Successful Livestock Management

Have you heard about "Stockmanship" and wondered just what it was? Have you read something about Bud Williams or others who teach stockmanship and thought you might like to learn more? If so, this web page has many resources to help you.

Good stockmanship is more than just having "tame" animals you can pet or trick into the corral with grain, it means having the tools to easily and quietly manage your livestock through the entire production process including gathering, weaning, rotating pastures, sorting, backgrounding, feedlot management, etc. with the results of lowered stress for you and the livestock.

The emotional element of livestock is often ignored or misunderstood. They appear to be (and are often treated as) unemotional and stupid, when they are neither. Emotional stress can cause as much or more damage to production as the physical stress of poor feed, bad weather, or rough handling.

Attend a school, and learn how good stockmanship can make all your livestock handling experiences more enjoyable and profitable.

See photos of various events we have participated in or taught, read the outline of our schools, check the calendar listing where we will be speaking, read our blog with stories, photos, and information on stockmanship, watch videos we have posted to YouTube, and find out where to buy an excellent book and various videos on stockmanship.

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Richard drives some cows.
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