New Banner!

Hand n Hand Banner
We are getting all packed up to head to California to speak at the HMI 2016 Gathering October 14-16 at Paicines Ranch, CA.

We will also have an exhibit there and will set up our new banner!

Come visit us at our exhibit and hear our talk Sunday afternoon!

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Subscribe to Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Reports

For every school we spend a lot of time collecting prices and building our handout which is based on the most recent prices in the school area. This time we learned that we can subscribe and receive any of the AMS reports (they don’t report on all states or auctions, but there are a lot which are) by email when they are uploaded.

In order to subscribe, visit this page: and, toward the bottom, click “register now” to get registered. After that, you can select which reports you want to receive.

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Another Good Driving Experience

Richard just had another great driving experience. We returned late Tuesday from our last school in Wyoming, then on Wednesday a neighbor came over and said he had lost a bull and wondered if he was on our place. Then our other neighbor who watches over the place while we are gone said yes, he had seen the bull in one of our pastures near the road.


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